About Us

STUBBORN CHILD is a brand that recognizes the shady side of people — the side where anger, frustration, and disappointment (which are real emotions) lie.
STUBBORN is what someone calls another for refusing to do according to the expectations of other people. The brand represents an unyielding persona who insistently sticks to its beliefs, but, just like a CHILD, it is constantly growing to realize its worth.
Founded by Ean Amog in May 2021, she relates to this idea of self-growth and recognizing emotions. More than a year later of struggling through the pandemic, she finally felt the courage to begin a new venture. She took off with a brand that sparked her creativity in expressing her values and ideals that speaks out for the people who struggle to find their self-worth and inner peace, just like she does.
STUBBORN CHILD insists on an unapologetic, regret-free, and unconventional lifestyle while having the potential growth of a person in mind and depicts it through clothing and lifestyle items.