'The Rebel' by Stubborn Child

Unconventional, unapologetic, unafraid - ‘The Rebel’ is ready to face the world with confidence and a fighting spirit.

A rebel is often associated with disobedience, opposition, and anger. But for Stubborn Child,The Rebel embodies the turning point of realizing self-worth and setting boundaries. It is unafraid and unapologetic to live its life the way it wants to — even if it means disappointing a few people along the way — to create better choices for self-growth and self-improvement.

Stubborn Child, through The Rebel, encourages the person to take the first step of discovering self-worth by setting boundaries and learning the art of saying ‘no’ as a way to have complete control of their life.

The Rebel is unconventional. It makes heads turn in approval or shake in disappointment, but like the rebel it is, it goes on unwavering. What matters most to it are the people who appreciate it and how The Rebel can be true to itself.


'The Rebel' by Stubborn Child launches on July 30th, 5 PM PST. Stay tuned.

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